What’s Open and What’s Not

1385670_115556211968598_702560618_nThe Washington Post offers a list of facilities and services that are open or closed due to the government shutdown. Some may be pleased to know that the IRS will be “probably closed” when the October 15 filing deadline approaches.  The military?  “Open” for business, says the Post (as if somehow attempting to close the military would save any money).  National parks?  Closed, of course, as many hapless tourists have witnessed.  Nothing here is that surprising except forD.C. trash collection, which will remain “probably open.”  Probably?  I am not one to pity Washington, but ask anybody who lived in New York City during some prolonged garbage collection strikes in the past decades.  D.C. Residents will be crying “foul,” and rightfully so.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    Well the District said it will be separate from the federal and so trash pickup will more than likely continue during the shutdown. However FDA food inspectors are gone and if the shutdown continues, the USDA food inspectors will be going away. That is a very scary thought for all of us that depend on the heavily regulated food industry.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Although I would question the efficacy of food inspections. John Stossel wrote an excellent piece regarding this. http://www.creators.com/opinion/john-stossel/food-bunk.html

    • Lloyd says:

      Another great article by John! Maybe the fact that it is so easy for the government to let those inspectors go, shows that they were not really needed in the first place.

      • JD says:

        Good point. It’ll be interesting to see what adverse effects are felt from some jobs going un-done. Maybe some private companies will step up.

        • Dewaine says:

          I would expect some to, although with the uncertainty of when government monopoly is coming back, it won’t be worth it for private industries to expand. If, instead, we knew for certain that government regulation would be down for a year, you could definitely expect market provision. Uncertainty is a huge killer of prosperity.

  3. PJ says:

    Wish the IRS would close their doors for good!

  4. Lorene says:

    Now if they would close Education and toss it back to the States permanently… And the could get rid of a good portion of the EPA a well!

  5. BHS says:

    Not hating the idea of trash collection around the Capitol ceasing for a bit…

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