Unemployment is Holding, but Disability is Climbing…

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short at the risk of repeating myself, but

stors.com/article/617233/201207060945/disability-climbs-faster-than-jobs-under-obama.htm”>Investor's Business Daily posted a piece on Social Security disability applications during the month of June. Only 80,000 new jobs were created while 85,000 people left the workforce to apply for disability. I discussed this troubling trend in my recent NCPA publication, Disability vs. Work. Apparently, disability is winning out over work.


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  1. Otis says:

    Something similar to the so-called “people coming out of the wood-work” theory might apply here. Some commentators have said that, as Obamacare’s Medicaid provision gets implemented, people would come out of the “woodwork” to get coverage and these are people that otherwise would not be covered. These are people that are eligible for Medicaid today, but have not signed up.

    There may be a sizable number of people today that are technically eligible for disability, but that have not signed up. That number is obviously growing, with the baby boomers aging.

  2. Imrana Iqbal says:

    There must be an intensive study of the relationship between availability or lack of availability of work and disability claims.