The Manufactured Gender Gap Problem

A recent analysis of workers in Google’s high tech industry finds, as put by USA Today, “The world of high tech looks like an exclusive boys’ club.” Diversity numbers released by Google shows that 83 percent of its tech workers are male, and 60 percent of its workers are white.  Even though the USA Today article bemoans that “…minorities have been denied access…” it plainly states that 34 percent of Google’s tech workers are Asian.  Not too bad for an industry that allegedly employs nobody but privileged white males.

Sadly, those who bemoan the lack of opportunities for women, or who claim that women are denied access to jobs, pick certain industries that support their claims, but they fail to look at the education and preferences of the workforce in general.  For instance, check out the fields where the overwhelming majority are women, according to an article on AOL:

  • 92 percent of registered nurses are women
  • Nearly 82 percent of elementary school teachers are women
  • 82 percent of office clerks are women
  • 71 percent of first line office managers and supervisors are women

Some will claim these jobs are the bottom of the barrel in terms of wages, but actually, the jobs listed above all pay median wages of $705 a week or more.  This list does not even include jobs held by a lower majority of women, such as bookkeepers, auditors and accountants, that also pay comparable wages.

But what about jobs and educational opportunities that women are allegedly denied access to?  Show me where this is please, since women are graduating high school at a higher rate than men, and are also earning college degrees at a higher rate than men.  If women wish to purse high-tech careers, there is nothing stopping them other than themselves.  Could it be that their career interests lie in other fields?

Perhaps we should stop manufacturing labor force problems and focusing on the real problem – that lack of economic growth and the culture of entitlements has produced the lowest labor force participation rate in over 30 years.


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  1. PhillS says:

    But if liberals stop complaining about the gender gap how will they continue to divide Americans so they can win elections?

    The mythical gender gap has nothing to do economics and everything to do with identity politics class/race/gender envy and animosity. In an election year where the economy is clearly underperforming (as it has during the entire Obama regime) the Democrats and the media have no other alternatives than to change the subject to one of division.

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