The (Lack of) Labor Force

While USA Today and other mainstream papers are wringing their hands over the lack of women workers in Silicon Valley, perhaps we should be more concerned about the lack of male and female workers…and jobs…period.

A Third of America’s 18-34 Year Olds Live With Their Parents  Business Insider

Record Number of Working-Age Men Are Not Working  Washington Examiner

Labor Force Participation Rate for 25-29 Year Olds Hits Record Low  CNS News

And of course, my piece on women and disability, as reported by Newsmax:

Study:  Record Number of Women Receiving Disability Payments


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  1. Elizabeth S. says:

    You make a strong case and this is very concerning. With so many traditional workers (young, male, graduates, etc.) out of work, this does not bode well for the creation of a strong future work force or diminishing the demand on entitlements.

  2. MrFreedom says:

    I agree, this is VERY sad. It feels as we are watching the slow destruction of the American dream, the idea that hard work gets you ahead.

    This is not to blame the people not working though! People respond to incentives, whether those incentives be keeping the fruits of their labor, or being paid not to work. In this current Obama economy, a significant portion of those who voted for socialism believe it is everyone else’s responsibility to “spread [their] wealth.” This is not a new development, but an attitude that has been slowing creeping up on us and that has been exploited by our celebrity president.

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