The Fiscal Cliff? Whatever…

It”s less than four days away from the fiscal cliff.  But unlike the recent Mayan prophecy, the cliff will really happen.  Tax cuts will expire and discretionary spending will be cut automatically.   And of course, we will reach the debt c

eiling sooner rather than later.   There are many obvious things wrong with this picture, but not necessarily anything that we have not all been warned about for months.  Sure, life will get harder for most income earners but we have been warned.  Sure, the stock market will falter but stock prices have reflected the uncertainty for months.  They will recover.  Whatever happens, all have been warned, and regardless of whether Congress and the Administration step up to the plate and do what”s right for the good of the economy and the taxpayer – or not- the world will still turn.

But what disturbs me beyond the fiscal cliff is the fact that nobody seems to expect that anything meaningful can or will be done about it.  Accusations, finger-pointing, and bizarre metaphors permeate any potentially productive discussions.  It”s as

if fiscal policy doesn”t matter anymore…and sadly, we the people have come to expect it.  Congress and the Administration have thumbed their noses at their responsbilities, yet we continue to vote for them, pay for them, and give them perks and raises.   Our representative form of government has shrugged their collective shoulders and said, in the words of Liam Lynch….”Whatever.”



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  1. Kyle says:

    Certainly seems to be the attitude in congress. Good thing this election was all about the middle class.

    I’m moving to Bhutan.

  2. Lewis says:

    It’s terribly depressing. And it will be even worse when they tie the fiscal cliff to the debt ceiling.

  3. Life of Pi says:

    I agree Pam, it seems that the group culture at the capitol is one of inaction. It is as if they are confused and somehow more comfortable with the status quo then going forwards with a dialogue regarding an area they don’t fully understand. And I thought the government in India was ineffective.

  4. Elizzebeth says:

    If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
    -Frederick Douglass

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