Taking All the Fun Out of Home Economics

It’s bad enough that market work has been decimated by high taxes, burdensome regulations and a generous disability system, but do we really need to start targeting non-market domestic endeavors due to the behavior of a few?


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  1. Gabriel Odom says:

    That website is fraught with grammatical and logical errors.

  2. I. Toller says:

    Using this logic, we should ban manure, natural gas lines and toasters and all castor beans.

  3. B. Pops says:

    You know what I heard? People have killed others with a butter knife, telephone cord and in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, the main character kills someone with a tea cup!

    SO. We should ban butter knives, telephones and tea cups!

  4. Cornelius Sutton says:

    We should also ban tanning beds which cause cancer, all fish products because they contain trace amounts of mercury and sodas, you know, because they cause fat people.

  5. Henry GrosJean says:

    We should also ban the SUN, I heard it causes skin cancer!

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  6. Cheyenne says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is salivating over this…

  7. Hassan says:

    My god, every time there is something bad happens, we go on a banning spree on everything related to it. Perhaps we should just ban people, since they are the ones who do all the stuff.

  8. Huda says:

    Hassan, I think you are on to something revolutionary,we should start banning people!

  9. Sandeep says:

    Liberals chicks are such hot messes!

  10. Yo Yo Ma says:

    The cartoon is too small for me to see all the things that are banned. I might be doing some of those things as it is.

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    • http://www./ says:

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  11. Pam says:

    I was on an airplane one time waiting for it to take off. I glanced across at the wing and noticed a red circle with a line through it showing a stick figure doing something. The problem was I couldn’t figure out what the stick figure was doing that we were not supposed to be doing! I saw something similar one time on a DART train. So the question becomes, how do I know if I am doing what I’m not supposed to be doing if I can’t even figure out what the sign is doing?

  12. Kyle Buckley says:

    Just think of allll those pressure cookers just sitting on the shelves of department stores right now. And not a single casualty. Amazing.

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