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Paying People to Buy; Punishing Them for Saving

Today the NCPA featured a report summary in its Daily Policy Digest on how taxing capital penalizes saving.   The report, by Alan Viard of the American Enterprise Institute, provides a clear example of how even if the tax rates on labor income and saving are the same, the saver still pays a greater effective tax rate […]

Ruling on DOMA Highlights the Need for Tax Reform

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) goes beyond traditional arguments on whether or not the federal government should recognize same-sex marriage.  While there are strong and differing opinions on whether the Supreme Court’s decision was the right one, it has shed light on a topic that all can agree […]

Rich or Simply Frugal?

There is always a target for bad tax policy, and these days it seems to be the rich.  Every scheme designed to raise tax revenue is usually based on taxing the rich more, taxing the poor less, and generally redistributing wealth so that society is fair.  Sadly, however, the non-wealthy but frugal and hard-working citizen often […]

The United States of Cyprus: Will American Retirement Accounts be Raided?

cheap cad software p>As I skimmed through a copy of the president’s 2014 budget, which by the way, is chock full of fluffy spending at the expense of the taxpayer, I caught site of an interesting proposal regarding retirement accounts.   Let me back up a bit and rephrase myself — I caught sight of a “hair-brained […]

How Do We Really Feel About Taxing the Rich?

Last month the National Bureau of Economic Research released a working paper that explored some of the more puzzling disconnects between the harsh realities of U.S. tax progressivity and how the public views fair taxation. Matthew Weinzierl of the Harvard Business School argues that modern tax research is the result of utilitarian assumptions.  This means […]

It Ain’t Necessarily So

According to the New York Times, the Tax Policy Center claims that under the 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act, the increase of the top two marginal income tax rates, for those earning $400,000 or more, makes the tax code the most progressive since 1979 (progressive means that as income increases, the tax rate per dollar of income […]

More Trouble Besides the Unemployment Rate

Another Friday, another dismal unemployment rate: 7.9 percent, which is slightly higher than last month. So while everybody is wondering how this will affect the upcoming election results, I have been looking at a couple of other indicators that may keep the unemployment rate unmoved for months to come.   Labor productivity is up. Output […]

Clearing Up the Mathematically Impossible

buy cheapest viagra “150” height=”150″ /> Note: Guest blogger Kyle Buckley, a NCPA research associate, gives his thoughts on the Vice Presidential debate. The Vice Presidential debates last night were painful to watch, and the aftermath isn’t any more reassuring. Talking heads have focused relentlessly on body language and what should have been said, while […]

Profit Margins: What Neither CandidateTold You Last Night

viagra pharmacy “Now, does anybody think that ExxonMobil needs some extra money, when they”re making money every time you go to the pump? Why wouldn”t we want to eliminate that? Why wouldn”t we eliminate tax breaks for corporate jets? My attitude is, if you got a corporate jet, you can probably afford to pay full […]

Corporate Income Tax Myths and Truths