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Is the Path to Retirement Just Pure Luck? (Part II)

Scaring Seniors, Revisited

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released his proposed 2013 budget yesterday and before the ink was dry, the left was attacking it like vultures on a carcass. Ryan was being portrayed as the bogeyman of seniors’ concerns about Medicare. As part of his effort to control an out-of-control bureaucracy, his plan includes: Increasing the Medicare eligibility […]

Retirement May be Attainable After All…If You Work Just a Bit Longer

I will admit, I am a bit of a “retirement nag,” and am quick to point out the doom and gloom stories of hard-working individuals who may not have enough to retire at the age they wish. Yes, I am the finger-wagger when it comes to preaching the benef its of saving early, saving often, […]

Running with the Bulls

Nearly two years ago, I received a call from a former college friend of mine.  This was about the time the market was starting to recover from its drastic downturn in the fall of 2008, leaving many investors shaking their heads, selling off and vowing never to return to the Dow Jones again.  During the […]

Seniors, Be Prepared…

A few weeks ago, my 73-year-old mother received a letter from her internist announcing his retirement from the medical profession.  Being that the man is 78 years old, this comes as no suprise.  However, he had originally planned on working a few more years until he realized that Medicare reimbursements were not enough for him to stay […]

Setting the Story Straight on COLA

Over the past several days, I have read some articles about the fact that next year's Social Security benefit payments will not be increasing as they normally do to keep up with inflation. This is what is known as the cost of living adjustment (COLA). According to some politicians and advocates, with rising health care […]