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How Are Baby Boomers Spending Their Money?

order viagra without prescription In an August blog post, I referenced a New York Times Economix blog article highlighting the falling median income among 55 to 64 year olds during the past three years.  One of my blog readers asked me about consumer spending for this age group.  Has it fallen along with income? Alas, […]

Falling Incomes In the Midst of Economic "Recovery"

Baby boomers just can’t get a break. Catherine Rampell of the New York Times” Economix blog reports that since mid-2009, the median household income across the working age population has fallen, with the worst decline (10 percent) seen among 55 to 64 year olds. Rampell notes that re-employment opportunities for this age group are slimmer […]

Is the Path to Retirement Just Pure Luck? (Part II)

Save Early and Often

assignment writing p>If I am insane for encouraging young people to think about retirement, then I am in good company. The Wall Street Journal ran an ticle this weekend on how college graduates can save even while paying off student loans. Nest eggs are not made overnight, so It”s really never too early to think […]

The Great 2013 Tax Hike on the "Wealthy"

buy essay papers p>I have written about this topic before…the expiration of the Bush tax cuts…but it is worth repeating. Despite Congress” apparent lack of concern over the federal budget, most households are concerned about their own budgets. Start planning now for 2013, because in 7 months, it may get worse. There are many tax […]

Don't Treat the I.R.S. Like a Savings Account

Picture this scenario: Suppose you are a habitual spendthrift and have great difficulty putting money aside for savings, so you ask a trusted friend to hold money for you. Each month for a year, you give this friend $200 a month, which you cannot b orrow against or ask to be returned to you until […]

Why Patience Pays in 401(k) Saving

A new survey from the Employee Benefits Research Institute and reported in the found that 0.2 p Master Mentalism – Magic Instruction. ercent of 401(k) participants have reached $1 million in savings in their 401(k) plans. They keys to this success? Consistent saving over at least 20 years and contributing high amounts – if possible, […]

Retirement May be Attainable After All…If You Work Just a Bit Longer

I will admit, I am a bit of a “retirement nag,” and am quick to point out the doom and gloom stories of hard-working individuals who may not have enough to retire at the age they wish. Yes, I am the finger-wagger when it comes to preaching the benef its of saving early, saving often, […]

The Rest of the Retirement Story

Another sobering about retirement, or lack thereof: Households that expected to find retirement just around the corner will have to work longer. The main reason? Debt, debt, and more debt: mortgages, home equity loans, kids’ college expenses and credit card debts are saddling 60- to 64-year-old households who expected their retirement-age years to be stress-free. […]

Reality Check for Boomers

In my last blog, I mentioned the sad state of affairs for many of those in their 60s who are on the verge of retirement, or at least who would like to retire soon.  The Wall Street Journal's recent article, “Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short” (link no longer available) reiterates the case.  According to a […]