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President Obama’s Economy of “Stuff”

The president recently spoke to a group of UPS workers in Nevada, where he expressed his wants and desires for the economy. Referring to his SOTU speech, he told the crowd, “…where we”re making stuff and selling stuff and moving it around and UP S drivers are dropping things off everywhere.” Last time I checked […]

Businesses Speak Out Today in a Letter Worth Reading

Today, several business groups, representing the spectrum of large to small enterprises across America, are convening in Washington to present their case.  A highlight of the summit is a letter written by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that is being presented to the President (See ” FOR LAYOUT – Open_Letter- 7 12 10.pdf?BP=IE&LOC=en_US&CUS=64b295f11e9e6c402b22f65989ef84df&CDS=4C3D49A7-0917-28BB03″>Jobs for Ame dating […]