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A Quick Guide to the Public Pension Crisis

The NCPA has written numerous publications on the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and possible reforms.   We have also addressed unfunded liabilities of state and local public pensions.   But one of my readers alerted me to her infographic that quite nicely sums up the Social Security and states’ pension crises, for those with no time […]

The High Marginal Cost of the Social Security Benefits Tax

In yesterday’s Dallas Morning News, financial columnist Scott Burns discussed the hard-hitting Social Security benefits tax.  Using Turbo-Tax, he demonstrates how middle-income seniors (those earning $41,343 to $77,343) are hit by the tax.  Since the income thresholds are not adjusted for inflation, but Social Security benefits are, more seniors will have pay the tax as […]

EPI States the Obvious in a New Report About Retirement Savings

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute rehashes what many already know about retirement savers.  This is no surprise coming from an organization that has opposed self-savings initiatives and has instead supported the entitlement status quo.  The EPI’s report shocks and awes with charts and graphs showing the savings disparities between rich and poor, black […]

Worse than I Imagined (Part II): Medicare

When I retired, Medicare became my primary health insurance, fully covered by American taxpayers (and federal debt-holders), while Anthem/Blue Cross became my secondary health insurance, fully covered by the University of California.  I will never have to spend a nickel of my Social Security benefits or inflation-adjusted defined retirement income on my health insurance. But […]

Chicago Plays Politics with Retirement Pensions

If Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Ca.) assault weapons bill is not enough of a kneejerk reaction to the Newtown shooting, Chicago is playing its part in contributing to the lack of common sense measures as well — by hurting its employee pension system.  The board of Chicago’s Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund voted to divest […]

Interest Rates…the Good, the Bad, and the Ineffective

win men If Dr. Phil were an economist, he might ask the question, “How are those interest rates working for ya?” It seems that low interest rates are quite the mixed bag these days. And several different takes on them just happened to appear in three news articles today. First, the good news – sort […]

Scaring Seniors…Again

Okay, let me get this straight: President Obama announced today that if a deal on the deb t ceiling is not reached he cannot guarantee that seniors” Social Security checks will go out on August 3. Thus, in the world of political posturing, some 70 million Social Security and Veterans benefit checks that go out […]

Pension Funds: What Not to Do

A word to the states and the people:  ignore what the federal government is doing in terms of how to manage a budget.  Among the dire predictions about the solvency of state and local employee pension funds (see our NCPA study on this topic), Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently announced that unless the debt ceiling was […]

State “Hybrid” Pension Plans are Compassionate, Progressive and Good for the Environment

I figured by the time I  read an article about government employers taking a page from the private sector, I would be too old to read the small print and too senile to care.  But low and behold, the Wall Street Journal (see Jeannette Neumann, “”) reports that states are waking up to the fact […]

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