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Income Inequality and the Minimum Wage

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released a report that estimated the effects of an increase in the minimum wage.   There were two scenarios:  Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2016 and then adjusting annually for inflation, or raising the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour by 2016 with no adjustments for inflation. The […]

Taking from the Top 40 Percent

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article written by Scott Hodge of the Tax Foundation.  If we want true income equality, according to Mr. Hodge, income would have to be taken from the top 40 percent of income earners and distributed to the bottom 60 percent.  So redistribution is not just limited to […]

Apprenticeships May Be the Way to Go

In this morning’s NCPA Daily Policy Digest, we featured a story from the Wall Street Journal about the popularity of apprenticeship programs in Europe…offered by businesses themselves.  This contrasts sharply to the lack of involvement of American businesses in training their workers and the public policy push of “college at all costs.”  As I noted […]

Don’t Raise the Minimum Wage, Says a Former Minimum Wage Employee

Interesting perspective from a former fast food and retail employee-turned-columnist John Hawkins.  Read here at Townhall.    

Buying American

While I was skimming through my local newspaper this morning, I found an article on the op-ed page by columnist Froma Harrop.  Her question is, are we willing to pay more for clothes that are made in the United States?  While the liberal Ms. Harrop is not known for her civility towards the conservatives with […]

Is Anybody Working in Obama’s Economy?

Joblessness in Obama Nation: U-6, Participation Rate Dismal (Washington Times) For Some, Joblessness is not a Temporary Problem (New York Times) Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov’t Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers (CNS News) Female Participation in Labor Force Hits 24-Year Low (Washington Examiner) casino online U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate is at a 35-Year Low (PressTV) […]

The Fast Food Industry Takes an Unfair Beating…Yet Again

The University of California – Berkeley released a study implicating the fast food industry for variety of sins, mainly, not paying high enough wages generic levitra to its employees and not providing benefits.  This is not terribly surprising since there is a push by labor groups to unionize fast food employees and pay them above-market […]

Do You Want a Robot With Your Fries?

Today’s media reports have breathlessly lauded a nationwide walk-out among employees of various fast food chains.  The “beef” (no pun intended) is that workers are demanding a minimum wage of $15 dollars an hour, twice what most of them are paid now.  They claim they cannot make ends meet on the federal minimum wage, and […]

Greece Called and Wants Their Job Market Back

“101M Americans Get Food Aid from Federal Gov’t; More Than the Number of Private Sector Workers“  (CNS News) “America’s Second Largest Employer is a Temp Agency” (Washington Examiner) “Only 47 Percent of Adults Have Full-time Job,” (Breitbart) Depressing…          

Minimum Wage Hysteria from Progressives

I was going to let the latest minimum wage issue pass and defer to last year’s NCPA publication on the topic. But every now and then, patent silliness from other sources deserves a response. A report from the Soros-funded Center for Economic and Policy Research (which was released a year ago, but has suddenly become a hot topic) […]