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Apprenticeships May Be the Way to Go

In this morning’s NCPA Daily Policy Digest, we featured a story from the Wall Street Journal about the popularity of apprenticeship programs in Europe…offered by businesses themselves.  This contrasts sharply to the lack of involvement of American businesses in training their workers and the public policy push of “college at all costs.”  As I noted […]

Buying American

While I was skimming through my local newspaper this morning, I found an article on the op-ed page by columnist Froma Harrop.  Her question is, are we willing to pay more for clothes that are made in the United States?  While the liberal Ms. Harrop is not known for her civility towards the conservatives with […]

Obama’s Short-Term Memory

As each side accuses the other of shutting down the government, President Obama said something today that some of his biggest constituents may consider a slap in the face, or at best a colossal oversight.  At an event in Maryland today during which he criticized House Speaker Boehner, he said, online prescription glasses “If you’re […]

Unemployment: From the Department of "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…"

Private Sector Employment Stumbles, but Government Employment Shrinks

The latest news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is more of the same. Unemployment is still stubbornly high at 8.2 percent (one-tenth of a percentage point higher than April) and the U6 rate (underemployed, part-time and discouraged workers) stands at 14.8 percent (three-tenths of a point higher than April). These numbers are an improvement […]

Update: Common Sense Wins Out Over Proposed Farm Regulations

injectable steroids p>The Obama administration's Labor Department has withdrawn its propose rules that would prohibit children from doing nearly all types of farm work. (See -labor-rule/”>article from the Daily Caller). On rare occasions, common sense prevails. zp8497586rq

Department of Labor Farm Regulations are Full of Bull

It is bad enough that the teenage unemployment rate is the highest among the age groups. But according to the Daily Caller, the Depar tment of Labor has proposed regulations that will essentially destroy a generation of potential future farmers. The proposed new rules would prohibit children under the age of 18 from performing most […]

Why Aren't Teenagers Working?

It must be hard to be a teenager these days. Societal institutions send them incredibly odd and mixed messages about what a teenager should be doing in order to get on the path to being a productive member of society. On one hand, they are advised to do all of those responsible things that set […]