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Income Inequality from a Plain-Spoken Perspective

Earlier this week, I participated in a televised panel discussion on income inequality.  The topic has generated much discussion lately, as President Obama’s central theme has been how to fix the gap between the rich and the poor.  My general thought is it simply cannot be fixed by dragging out the usual redistribution solutions – […]

Climbing the Fiscal Mountain

Note: Guest blogger Lewis Warne, an NCPA research associate, gives his thoughts on the fiscal cliff…or is it a mountain? The fiscal cliff looms ahead, but the fall is so far only because we blindly walked up a mountain of spending. Over the past 30 years there has been a severe lack of fiscal foresight and […]

How Are Baby Boomers Spending Their Money?

order viagra without prescription In an August blog post, I referenced a New York Times Economix blog article highlighting the falling median income among 55 to 64 year olds during the past three years.  One of my blog readers asked me about consumer spending for this age group.  Has it fallen along with income? Alas, […]

The Fiscal Cliff? Whatever…

It”s less than four days away from the fiscal cliff.  But unlike the recent Mayan prophecy, the cliff will really happen.  Tax cuts will expire and discretionary spending will be cut automatically.   And of course, we will reach the debt c eiling sooner rather than later.   There are many obvious things wrong with this picture, […]

Dying in the Harness

The Employee Benefit Research Institute released a sobering report on the state of personal retirement.  According to EBRI, the lowest 25 percent of income earners among baby boomer households would need to work into their mid 80s before 90 percent of them would have an even 50 percent chance of having retirement income to meet […]

Social Security COLA Freeze is Not the Problem

For the second consecutive year, seniors will not get a cost of living adjustment in their Social Security checks for 2011 [see USA Today, “No Social Security Benefits Boost Expected for 2011“).  This will certainly become an election year issue, with the parties accusing each other of not caring about the welfare of seniors.  

Fixing Your Retirement Account

I came across an informative in article in the Wall Street Journal this week, “How to Fix Your Life in 2009,” (read article ), The premise is that frugality is now in; spending less and saving more is fashionable, so to speak. So for those of you throwing up your arms in despair over the […]