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Unemployment is Holding, but Disability is Climbing…

I will keep this short at the risk of repeating myself, but stors.com/article/617233/201207060945/disability-climbs-faster-than-jobs-under-obama.htm”>Investor's Business Daily posted a piece on Social Security disability applications during the month of June. Only 80,000 new jobs were created while 85,000 people left the workforce to apply for disability. I discussed this troubling trend in my recent NCPA publication, Disability […]

The Fiscal Cliff? Whatever…

It”s less than four days away from the fiscal cliff.  But unlike the recent Mayan prophecy, the cliff will really happen.  Tax cuts will expire and discretionary spending will be cut automatically.   And of course, we will reach the debt c eiling sooner rather than later.   There are many obvious things wrong with this picture, […]

Scaring Seniors, Revisited

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released his proposed 2013 budget yesterday and before the ink was dry, the left was attacking it like vultures on a carcass. Ryan was being portrayed as the bogeyman of seniors’ concerns about Medicare. As part of his effort to control an out-of-control bureaucracy, his plan includes: Increasing the Medicare eligibility […]

Why Patience Pays in 401(k) Saving

A new survey from the Employee Benefits Research Institute and reported in the found that 0.2 p Master Mentalism – Magic Instruction. ercent of 401(k) participants have reached $1 million in savings in their 401(k) plans. They keys to this success? Consistent saving over at least 20 years and contributing high amounts – if possible, […]

‘Tis the Season to Be Weary…of Jobless Numbers

If Black Friday was last week, “gray Friday” is today. The news is that unemployment dropped to 8.6 percent in November, from 9 percent the mo nth before. Sounds promising. What happened? Could it reflect the gainful seasonal employment of department store Santas? Not exactly. While 120,000 jobs were added last month, 315,000 people gave […]

Will You Live Past 90?

The latest Census data show that more people are living to age 90, according to Healthday. In fact the 90-and-beyond crowd has tripled since 1980, to 1.9 million people today. Most are women (75 percent), and many live alone but are not necessarily independent and healthy. The average income for people aged 90 and older […]

A Thoughtful Look at Social Security Reform

Bobby: “Psssst. Don”t tell anyone. It”s our secret! There”s an elephant in the living room, but we”re pretending it”s not really there and it”s not really an elephant.”

The CLASS Act Loses its Class

Let’s hear it for a little math and a lot of common sense. The Community Living Assistance Support and Stability Act (CLASS) program, part of the health care reform law that would essentially create a government-run long term care insurance program, has gone kaput before it even got started. A news article title calls it […]

Scaring Seniors…Again

Okay, let me get this straight: President Obama announced today that if a deal on the deb t ceiling is not reached he cannot guarantee that seniors” Social Security checks will go out on August 3. Thus, in the world of political posturing, some 70 million Social Security and Veterans benefit checks that go out […]

Is Some Serious Entitlement Reform on the Way?

Some preliminary recommendations from the White House Debt Commission were released.  (See NYT article, “Panel Seeks Social Security Cuts and Higher Taxes“).  While these recommendations are yet to be negotiated among commission members for release in a final report, they at least represent a willingness of members to consider the elephant in the living room:  […]