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Seniors Are in Debt, But Not as Bad Off as They Could Be

Two year ago, I produced a piece on how baby boomers spend their money.  I wanted to find out why many of them were not nearly prepared for retirement.   This time around, I wanted to find out how senior citizens were spending their money.  A lot has changed compared to the same age group just 20 years ago: Today’s seniors (age […]

Who Spends What?

generic lasix online height=”155″ /> Gallup released a survey last week showing that American households earning $90,000 a year of more reported that their daily spending has fallen about 36 percent since 2008. This spending excludes mortgages, cars and utility bills. One of the biggest arguments used against giving tax cuts to upper income households is that […]

Interest Rates…the Good, the Bad, and the Ineffective

win men If Dr. Phil were an economist, he might ask the question, “How are those interest rates working for ya?” It seems that low interest rates are quite the mixed bag these days. And several different takes on them just happened to appear in three news articles today. First, the good news – sort […]

Households are Richer in This Economy?

It is refreshing to see a light at the end of the stock market tunnel…household wealth rose 3.8 percent during the last three months of 2010, says the Dallas Morning News, (“Stocks Lift Household Wealth as Debt Falls).  This was in part due to the rise in stock prices.  I recall back in late 2008 and […]

Reality Check for Boomers

In my last blog, I mentioned the sad state of affairs for many of those in their 60s who are on the verge of retirement, or at least who would like to retire soon.  The Wall Street Journal's recent article, “Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short” (link no longer available) reiterates the case.  According to a […]

From the Department of "Unintended Consequences:" More Bank Fees

I don't think anybody needed to get out the crystal ball to see this one coming:   According to the Wall Street Journal, now that the new credit card laws are in effect that all but prevent financial institutions from pricing credit card usage based on risk, banks are looking to recoup revenue losses by spreading costs […]