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Investment Panic Doesn’t Pay

I recall during the market and housing crash of fall 2008 that many savers were running from the stock market.  As panic ensued, the strategy of “buy high, sell low” became commonplace, and those who stayed the path of regularly saving and investing in equities were viewed as risky and idealistic.  This prompted me to […]

The Camp Tax Reform Plan Is a Good Start With a Few Caveats

Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) unveiled a plan today (executive summary here) to simplify the tax code and reduce income tax rates, from the current seven rates to just two rates:  10 percent and 25 percent.   It also groups personal family exemptions into three categories instead of the usual six:  a larger standard deduction, a larger […]

Paying People to Buy; Punishing Them for Saving

Today the NCPA featured a report summary in its Daily Policy Digest on how taxing capital penalizes saving.   The report, by Alan Viard of the American Enterprise Institute, provides a clear example of how even if the tax rates on labor income and saving are the same, the saver still pays a greater effective tax rate […]

It Ain’t Necessarily So

According to the New York Times, the Tax Policy Center claims that under the 2012 Taxpayer Relief Act, the increase of the top two marginal income tax rates, for those earning $400,000 or more, makes the tax code the most progressive since 1979 (progressive means that as income increases, the tax rate per dollar of income […]

Clearing Up the Mathematically Impossible

buy cheapest viagra “150” height=”150″ /> Note: Guest blogger Kyle Buckley, a NCPA research associate, gives his thoughts on the Vice Presidential debate. The Vice Presidential debates last night were painful to watch, and the aftermath isn’t any more reassuring. Talking heads have focused relentlessly on body language and what should have been said, while […]

Corporate Income Tax Myths and Truths

The Great 2013 Tax Hike on the "Wealthy"

buy essay papers p>I have written about this topic before…the expiration of the Bush tax cuts…but it is worth repeating. Despite Congress” apparent lack of concern over the federal budget, most households are concerned about their own budgets. Start planning now for 2013, because in 7 months, it may get worse. There are many tax […]

SOTU: Winners, Losers and a Tax Plan that Makes Me Go “Huh?”

I watched last night’s State of the Union address in hopeful anticipation that all taxpayers, from individuals to small business owners to multinational corporations, could look forward to a fairer, more simplified system. No such luck. Much of the speech was spent pointing out who or what is to blame for the sluggish economy, income […]

Will You Live Past 90?

The latest Census data show that more people are living to age 90, according to Healthday. In fact the 90-and-beyond crowd has tripled since 1980, to 1.9 million people today. Most are women (75 percent), and many live alone but are not necessarily independent and healthy. The average income for people aged 90 and older […]

The "Fair Share" Question

President Obama finally said something that many tax reformers have long advocated for: millionaires should pay the same share of their income in taxes as the middle class. Sounds very akin to a flat tax, doesn’t it? Sadly, it is all talk, with no serious consideration for reform. Instead, the President has proposed a “surtax” […]