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Washington Update for the Week Ending May 26, 2017

NCPA’s Legislative Director Brian Williams gives an update. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on in Washington: The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the House-passed American Health Care Act would leave 23 million more people uninsured by 2026. The problem is, CBO is using the same methodology as they did last year (see the […]

Income Inequality from a Plain-Spoken Perspective

Earlier this week, I participated in a televised panel discussion on income inequality.  The topic has generated much discussion lately, as President Obama’s central theme has been how to fix the gap between the rich and the poor.  My general thought is it simply cannot be fixed by dragging out the usual redistribution solutions – […]

Tax Recreational Marijuana?

Yes — that is what Colorado is planning to do now after legalizing recreational marijuana last year. Voters approved a proposition to tax marijuana by a wide margin, 64 to 34 percent. The state of Washington also legalized recreational marijuana as well as the cities of Ferndale, Jackson and Lansing in Michigan and Portland in […]

Buying American

While I was skimming through my local newspaper this morning, I found an article on the op-ed page by columnist Froma Harrop.  Her question is, are we willing to pay more for clothes that are made in the United States?  While the liberal Ms. Harrop is not known for her civility towards the conservatives with […]

Are Millennials Ready for Social Security Reform?

Government is very good at crowding out private sector activities.  When government borrows, it can cause interest rates to rise and crowd out more productive private sector borrowing.  When government expands welfare programs to help the hungry and homeless, the effect is the crowding out of individual giving to more efficient private-sector programs.  And decades […]

The United States of Cyprus: Will American Retirement Accounts be Raided?

cheap cad software p>As I skimmed through a copy of the president’s 2014 budget, which by the way, is chock full of fluffy spending at the expense of the taxpayer, I caught site of an interesting proposal regarding retirement accounts.   Let me back up a bit and rephrase myself — I caught sight of a “hair-brained […]

Scaring Seniors, Revisited

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released his proposed 2013 budget yesterday and before the ink was dry, the left was attacking it like vultures on a carcass. Ryan was being portrayed as the bogeyman of seniors’ concerns about Medicare. As part of his effort to control an out-of-control bureaucracy, his plan includes: Increasing the Medicare eligibility […]

A "Blame the Wealthy" Budget Speech

According to President Obama, the Bush tax cuts, in particular the ones that went to the the wealthiest 2 percent of taxpayers, are to blame for the budget mess that we're in.  This statement comes as no surprise; in 2009, President Obama threatened to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent by allowing their lower tax […]