Subway Feels the Pinch of San Francisco's Minimum Wage

From the department of unintended consquences, Subway restaurants in San Francisco will no longer offer the $5 footlong sand

wich specials that are often advertised on TV (although they do offer a specific “sub of the month” for $5.00). The reason, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, is the city”s new $10.24 an hour minimum wage, which makes it impossible for Subway restaurants in the city to make any money off $5.00 footlong specials.

On a positive note:

Subway”s “sandwich artists,” as they are often referred, are probably making a better living than the city”s “starving artists.” Of course the downside to all of this is the

minimum wage hardly does much good at lifting anybody out of poverty if the price of food has to increase in order to absorb the cost.

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  1. Joe Barnett says:

    Maybe they can make “artisan sandwiches” from foot-long breadsticks.
    As food prices rise, manufacturers avoid price increases by downsizing their products.

  2. Aurelius says:

    Government programs and policies that encourage the indexing of certain restaurant food prices for minimum wage workers – that’s what we’re looking at in 10 years.

  3. Press says:

    Yes, they pay at least minimum wage, but not much beynod that. However, you are right, it’s a good experience for someone who is hoping to become a PT or PTA. Check with the HR department of your local hospitals, call private practices directly and simply inquire about openings. These are the type of jobs that aren’t always readily advertised.

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