Real “Middle Class Economics”

Despite President Obama’s calls for federal tax hikes for the rich (which do little to help the middle class), states are taking another path. Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal reports that twenty state governors are planning their own state tax relief initiatives, including a few who wish to eliminate their state’s income tax altogether, in order to compete with their neighborhood the global economy.  This is what I call real middle class economics.  Is the administration listening?

To find out how your state fares on taxes compared to other states, visit the NCPA’s State Tax Calculator.

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  1. Wes Baker says:

    Each week in Dallas I meet individuals from the east and west coasts who have relocated to TX. When I ask what led them to make the move, they always cite the lack of state income tax as their first or second reason.

    • Kyle M. says:

      What’s more, they’re young and not yet securely established in the workforce! As far as being a labor and income tax haven, Texas is a great example! But as far as property taxes go… different story.

  2. John Waid says:

    Exactly, Kyle. My brother -in-law is a flight attendant living in Dallas. He has a modest house and a $7000 property tax bill.

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