Minimum Wage for Thee But Not for Me…

From the department of when the left eats their own-

Last week the Los Angeles City Council approved a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour, which would be phased in by 2020.  Labor activists clamored for it, despite small business owners’ objections that they would be harmed by it.  Now the very labor activists that supported it are – ahem – asking to be exempt from it.  They argue that companies with unionized employees should have the leeway to negotiate with their employees.

“With a collective bargaining agreement, a business owner and the employees negotiate an agreement that works for them both. The agreement allows each party to prioritize what is important to them,” said Rusty Hicks of the county Federation of Labor.  (Read full article from the Los Angeles Times here.)

The idea that employers and employees should be free to negotiate wages and benefits is nothing new.  Free marketers have supported the “liberty of contract” for years.  But evidently, unions feel that right should apply only to them.

The union is asking for last-minute exemptions to the law.  It will be interesting to see if they get them.  Get your popcorn and stay tuned.


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  1. Frank says:

    The hypocrisy is amazing!

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