Here We Go Again: Crushing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Young Americans

Every summer, the same issue surfaces.  Kids try to run a lemonade stand, and the law shuts them down without a proper permit from the city.  This time it happened in Texas.  (I would not be surprised if this happened in – oh, I don’t know – the people’s republic of Maryland.) But Texas?  The number one job producer in the country?

The 7 and 8 year old girls, who had been at it for an hour and earned $25, were approached by a policeman telling them they needed a $150 permit.  So the girls have opted instead to give away the lemonade and gladly take donations.

If lemonade stands are such a serious threat to the community, perhaps cities need to appoint special vice squads to root out these illegal operations.  Let’s throw in bake sales while we’re at it.  That’ll teach those budding entrepreneurs and their moms!

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  1. Benjy Sirius says:

    This is a grand example of how to kill budding entrepreneurship as well and respect for the law, all in one step. Cheers to the girls for coming up with a solution that is both legal and profitable.

  2. Brian Williams. says:

    Since when did we allow the government to charge us $150 for a permit to enjoy our liberty to sell lemonade? Shame on us.

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