Great Minds Think Alike

An interesting article appeared in the Wall Street Journal entitled, The article lists five Do's and 5 Don'ts to help readers keep their heads during the recession. Similarly, the NCPA released a study two weeks earlier called “Ten Ways To Wreck Your Retirement” giving the same sort of recommendations.

“Don't stop saving” seems to be the name of the game when it comes to stayin

g on top of the downwar

d slope. Of course, this goes along with other practices as well, such as reigning in excess spending, living within your means, taking advantage of employer's matching funds and staying in the market if you're already in so that you

don't incur more losses by selling off your stocks. Whether or not the bottom is near, the advice echoing from all corners of the financial sector is the same: Protect your retirement– don't stop saving!

See NCPA Senior Policy Analyst discuss, “Ten Ways to Wreck Your Retirement.”



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