Good News and Bad News on the Home Front

ndahp_3resizedAfter the housing crisis, are consumers reevaluating the mortgage path?  Report:  Half of All Homes Are Being Purchased With Cash (WSJ)

Or are mortgages simply becoming harder to obtain?  Fannie Could Curb Low-Down-Payment Loan Purchases (WSJ)

Meanwhile, the Netherlands is facing its own housing crisis:  The New Dutch Disease: Mortgage Debt (WSJ)


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  1. Dewaine says:

    Housing will come back. We still have the mentality that every person *deserves* a home, so, it will also crash again.

  2. Joe Barnett says:

    That’s amazing about the Dutch: The government encouraged “mortgages that were 125% the value of a property or more so that borrowers could afford to renovate and furnish their new homes as well as cover the transaction costs.” How thoughtful of the government!

  3. Lloyd says:

    We should all have the same goal in housing as we have with stocks, buy low and sell high.

  4. JD says:

    “Meanwhile, the Netherlands is facing its own housing crisis: The New Dutch Disease: Mortgage Debt”

    and I’m sure while they’re fighting it they’ll sow the seeds of the next disaster.

  5. Tim says:

    I hope I can afford to pay cash for my first home. I don’t want to get sucked into debt thinking it’s the standard way to go.

  6. August says:

    Also, residents are shifting to renting instead of owning.

  7. Qwerty says:

    We will never be free of housing crises, especially when the government interferes with the market

  8. West says:

    Interesting play on “Dutch disease”

    “Dutch house prices have been falling since the start of 2009. The most recent data show them down nearly 10% on the year and, in all, they’ve dropped by a fifth.”