Fixing Your Retirement Account

I came across an informative in article in the Wall Street Journal this week, “How to Fix Your Life in 2009,” (read article ), The premise is that frugality is now in; spending less and saving more is fashionable, so to speak. So for those of you throwing up your arms in despair over the losses in your retirement accounts, the article includes several pointers on preserving and adding to your retirement savings, as well as cost-cutting ideas in oth

er areas of living.

It may be tempting to grimace at viagra in the uk reading another “how to” article in light of the fact that so many people already want to tell other people what to do with their time, money and energy, especially in the area of retirement savings. So whether or not you read any financial advice for 2009, approach the year with a realistic attitude about retirement savings. Don't give in or give up. Market downturns are temporary. But retirement planning is permanent.

Have a prosperous New Year.


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