Even Jay Leno Recognizes the Tax Burden on Small Business!

I guess the current business climate is worse than I thought.  From Newsbusters on how to close Guantanamo Bay.


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  1. Sandeep says:

    Funny story, Jimmy Fallon did a viral video on this, so I guess he beats Jay Leno. Only Conan could come up with something better, he did after all get invited to the White House Correspondence.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the post. Found it quite funny.
    @Sandeep: Thanks for the info. I will be looking for Jimmy Fallon’s video on this.

  3. Gabriel Odom says:

    If you could find Conan’s piece, I’d enjoy that as well.

  4. Patel says:

    When Jey Leno says that, you know we have a problem, in part because he seems to be a such a buddy to the president.

  5. Kumar says:

    I stopped watching Jay Leno since he screwed over Conan. I am a Conano fan for life!

  6. Hassan says:

    @ Kumar

    Do you think Jay Leno made that comment because the White House chose Conan for the WH Correspondence Dinner Comedic Opening. I won’t be surprised.

  7. B. Popplewell says:

    Well if the government wasn’t so eager to heep regulations on the private sector perhaps it would be doing a little better.

  8. Tim says:

    @Sandeep: thanks for the link, I found that video quite funny as well.

  9. Penn says:

    Why would we close Guantanamo?

  10. Irving Toller says:

    G-Bay is a joke. It should have been closed years ago. Big surprise that it hasn’t been, what would we do with the “enemy combatants”, aka the nebulous designation for prisoners of “War” aka the “War on Terror.”

  11. Gabriel Odom says:

    +1 Irving Toller

  12. Kyle Buckley says:

    Personally I agree with Toller. Put them in with the general population of federal prisons. Rapists, murderers, bigots — not the best of us, but they’re still patriots. Those kids would be lobbying to get back in the hole in a matter of weeks.

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