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One of Many Reasons Disability Reform is Needed

Possibly the largest fraud case in SSDI history.  Read about it here.

Two Years Later, the Senior Scare Tactics are in Full Force

Two years ago, in the midst of the previous debt ceiling crisis, President Obama told worried beneficiaries that he could not guarantee that Social Security benefit checks would be paid.  Fast forward to this week…here we go again.  A Social Security Administration official warns that benefits could be cut if a debt ceiling agreement is not […]

Are Millennials Ready for Social Security Reform?

Government is very good at crowding out private sector activities.  When government borrows, it can cause interest rates to rise and crowd out more productive private sector borrowing.  When government expands welfare programs to help the hungry and homeless, the effect is the crowding out of individual giving to more efficient private-sector programs.  And decades […]

Reforming Social Security: The Case for Progressive Price Indexing

best antivirus software for mac p>In light of all of the worrying about sequestration, entitlement reform – of course – goes undiscussed.  While trimming around the edges of discretionary spending has sent people into a panic, the $100 billion in cuts are a drop in the bucket compared to the growing expenditures of the mandatory spending programs […]

Worse Than I Imagined (Part I)

Social Security and Medicare are grand Ponzi schemes that make Bernie Madoff’s operations look like petty theft. They discriminate against black males especially because they pay into the system on every job they have, but many die of health problems and violence long before they collect a dime in benefits. Middle and higher income Americans […]

As the Labor Force Participation Rate Goes, So Goes Social Security

I should be shocked at another month of a stubbornly high unemployment rate. but since I have written about this in many other blog posts and it remains virtually unchanged, it is not my main focus today.  However, how to improve credit score I did notice something that is rarely discussed…the Social Security Actuary’s trust […]

Disability and the Incredible Shrinking Work Force

The population is growing, yet the work force is shrinking. In 2000, the civilian labor force participation rate (LFPR) peaked at more than 67 percent. In May of this year, it stands at 63.8 percent. What gives? The recession plays a role, as many chronically unemployed people have given up searching for a job and […]

Arguments Against the Payroll Tax Holiday

As I have previously written, the 2-percentage point payroll tax deduction is a bad idea. The current reduction expires March 1, but it appears that enough Congree members sup port extending it through the rest of the year. It is a shame that despite warnings from the annual Social Security Trustees” reports, even those who […]

Mixed Messages about Saving

I have usually never met a tax cut I didn’t like. But the House passed a bill Tuesday (yet to be voted on by the Senate) extending the reduction in the employee’s portion of the payroll tax (set to expire the end of December), which since 2010 has b een 4.2 percent instead of the […]

Will You Live Past 90?

The latest Census data show that more people are living to age 90, according to Healthday. In fact the 90-and-beyond crowd has tripled since 1980, to 1.9 million people today. Most are women (75 percent), and many live alone but are not necessarily independent and healthy. The average income for people aged 90 and older […]