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Why Aren't Teenagers Working?

It must be hard to be a teenager these days. Societal institutions send them incredibly odd and mixed messages about what a teenager should be doing in order to get on the path to being a productive member of society. On one hand, they are advised to do all of those responsible things that set […]

Regulations Gone Wild

The Obligation of Business

Back in February, President Obama let businesses know what he thought. In a radio address rebuke he said, “If we make America the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark in America. They should se t up shop here, and hire our workers, and pay decent wages and invest in the future […]

For Lincoln and Lemonade Too: Punishing Entrepreneurship

When Upton Sinclair pennedThe Jungle, he intended to paint a grotesque picture of the conditions in which the working class lived. Instead, readers saw a grotesque picture of the meatpacking industry and supported reform, which became the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. His retort: “I aimed at the heart and hit the stomach.” […]

When Politics Replaces Job Creation: No Move on the Bush Tax Cuts

There are plenty of things I could write about from the department of “Congress Behaving Badly,” but recent news about the reluctance of Congress to vote on extending the Bush tax cuts takes the cake.  (See numerous articles, including “Voting on Bush Tax Cuts Divides Democrats in Congress before Election Day,” and “Senate Will Not […]

From the Department of “Paying People Not to Work:” Extending Unemployment Benefits

On Wednesday, the Senate approved an extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits  through Nov. 30 only for states with unemployment rates greater than 8 percent.  Proponents argue the extension will provide a temporary lifeline for the unemployed and a stimulus for the economy as the money will be spent on goods and services.  However, the […]

Businesses Speak Out Today in a Letter Worth Reading

Today, several business groups, representing the spectrum of large to small enterprises across America, are convening in Washington to present their case.  A highlight of the summit is a letter written by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that is being presented to the President (See ” FOR LAYOUT – Open_Letter- 7 12 10.pdf?BP=IE&LOC=en_US&CUS=64b295f11e9e6c402b22f65989ef84df&CDS=4C3D49A7-0917-28BB03″>Jobs for Ame dating […]

Are Looming Taxes Scaring Small Business?

According to the latest ADP jobs survey for June, the private sector's contribution to the job market is smaller than expected. (See the WSJ article, “,”)  Yep, looking at the bare-bones private sector, minus Census jobs (which do quite well of padding the employment numbers), the results are somewhat troubling.   Large and medium-sized businesses have added jobs, […]

In the Credit Department, Small Businesses are Suffering

An interesting tidbit for today's blog: An article appeared in today's Wall Street Journal that does not bode well for small businesses. (See Emily Maltby's “”) Fear of another banking crisis, complicated SBA loans, and what banks feel is pressure from regulators no nasal polyps treatment t to lend (among other factors) has put small business in a […]

The Incredible Shrinking Business or…the Effect of the Health Care Tax Credit

It just so happens that oddities are not only found at the circus.  Under ObamaCare, a variety of puzzling disincentives exist pertaining to its requirements and their effect on small businesses.  (For more information on how it works, read the new NCPA publication, Obama's Tax on Job Creation.) First, businesses with 50 or more workers […]