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Minimum Wage and the Quaint Little Diner

I had the pleasure of vacationing in southern Utah last week and spending time in a couple of their breathtaking national parks.  I have been to several remote parts of the United States, but I have to say that the “otherworldly” landscape of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, as well as the few towns […]

Even Jay Leno Recognizes the Tax Burden on Small Business!

I guess the current business climate is worse than I thought.  From Newsbusters on how to close Guantanamo Bay.  

Proposed Home Baker Rules are Half-Baked

An outrageous story from my state of Texas, which normally touts itself as being business-friendly: The state’s Cottage Food Law requires home bakers who sell their products to label their goods with name, address and a statement that the products were made in a kitchen not inspected by health authorities (obviously). But now the state’s […]

Government Tries to Solve a Problem it Created in the First Place

No sooner did I post a blog on the potential adverse effects of the minimum wage, here comes a new government program to counter a problem that has resulted from government”s tinkering in the labor market. President Obama”s new “”>We Can”t Wait” jobs programs aims to help 250,000 young people find summer jobs in […]

Minimum Wage Myths

Here we go again…beginning January 1, 2012, eight states raised their minimum wage. The way news articles have hyped this, one would think that somehow raising the wage another 30 cents is going to catapult the bottom 99 percent into the top 1 perce nt. According to the Huffington Post “the new rates will translate […]

How to Help the Poor

Using a new measure of poverty which adjusts for area costs of living, in-kind benefits, health care costs and other factors, the Census Bureau released a new report today (reported -poverty/51108410/1″>here in USA Today) showing that the number of people in poverty is about 49.1 million, 6% higher than the 46.2 million originally estimated in […]

What the Protests Really Tell Us About Economic Systems

Even Occupy Wall Street cannot fight the inherent need in individuals to prosper from their work, as evidenced by a scattering of news reports and videos. Capitalism, the very system that the protestors are railing outwardly against is the system th at they appear to yearn for within the OWS organization. Socialism, the system they […]

Why Aren't Teenagers Working?

It must be hard to be a teenager these days. Societal institutions send them incredibly odd and mixed messages about what a teenager should be doing in order to get on the path to being a productive member of society. On one hand, they are advised to do all of those responsible things that set […]

Regulations Gone Wild

The Obligation of Business

Back in February, President Obama let businesses know what he thought. In a radio address rebuke he said, “If we make America the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark in America. They should se t up shop here, and hire our workers, and pay decent wages and invest in the future […]