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Major Tax Savings That May Not Be Around Next Year

There are several tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of the year.  While it is not yet known whether they will be extended into tax year 2014 (and it may be months before we know for sure), now is the time to assume their demise and take advantage of them this year.  […]

Retirement and Dependency (In Reverse)

A CNN Money article highlighted a recent survey examining worldwide retirement trends.  The survey, conducted by HSBC, found that 18 percent of Americans expect never to retire.  This is only slightly lower than the 19 percent of British who expect never to retire, but much higher than the global average of 12 percent. When I first read […]

Education Pays Off…Even 40 Years Down the Road

Note:  Guest blogger Lewis Warne, an NCPA research associate, talks about the importance of education to a comfortable and healthy retirement. I hope it comes as no surprise that education has long-term impacts through retirement. In my recent study More Education, Better Retirement, I found that more education increases retirement savings, reduces dependence on government, improves […]

Rich or Simply Frugal?

There is always a target for bad tax policy, and these days it seems to be the rich.  Every scheme designed to raise tax revenue is usually based on taxing the rich more, taxing the poor less, and generally redistributing wealth so that society is fair.  Sadly, however, the non-wealthy but frugal and hard-working citizen often […]

Old Retirement Rules are Now in Question

The conventional wisdom of playing if safe in the bond market may not be good for retirees after all, says the New York Times. The 4 percent annual withdrawal rule may also be out of date, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  

College Degrees: You Read it Here First (Again)

The recently reported on the diminishing value of the bachelor”s degree compared to a two-year degree at a community college.  With the billions of dollars of federal money poured into college aid and the predicted shortages of workers in jobs that require technical training, it is no wonder that more people are questioning the value […]

The United States of Cyprus: Will American Retirement Accounts be Raided?

cheap cad software p>As I skimmed through a copy of the president’s 2014 budget, which by the way, is chock full of fluffy spending at the expense of the taxpayer, I caught site of an interesting proposal regarding retirement accounts.   Let me back up a bit and rephrase myself — I caught sight of a “hair-brained […]

Improved Accuracy Rates On VA Disability Claims? Or Not?

A few posts back I may have referred to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) senior officials as “lumbering simpletons,” and for that I must apologize, because they have managed something truly spectacular.  Here are the accuracy averages for veteran disability claim approval rates in 2012, just to give you a picture of how well things […]

Wealth Inequality Revisited…Yet Again

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. Winston Churchill It seems that there is a about wealth inequality that is going “viral.”  This compelling video paints a bleak picture of the haves versus the have-nots (courtesy of very left-leaning websites such as Mother Jones).  On […]

Nervously Holding Bonds

cialis online     The stock market is getting a bad reputation these days. It waxes and wanes hour by hour depending on everything from who is elected president to the future of twinkies and cupcakes. Never mind that in the grand scheme of things, individual stock returns are really based on corporate earnings, and […]