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Just Sayin’…

A $47,000 mechanical bull purchased by the General Services Administration for the Utah National Guard?  How about paying 40 beneficiaries their monthlySocial Security benefits instead? paper writings zp8497586rq

Obama’s Short-Term Memory

As each side accuses the other of shutting down the government, President Obama said something today that some of his biggest constituents may consider a slap in the face, or at best a colossal oversight.  At an event in Maryland today during which he criticized House Speaker Boehner, he said, online prescription glasses “If you’re […]

Seeing Medical Innovation With My Own Eyes

This blog post is not about taxes, the job market or retirement — the topics I most often write about.  It’s about the health care market, of which the NCPA is no stranger. I went to the eye doctor yesterday for an annual check-up.  It’s not a typical check-up for somebody of my age.  I […]

Taking All the Fun Out of Home Economics

It’s bad enough that market work has been decimated by high taxes, burdensome regulations and a generous disability system, but do we really need to start targeting non-market domestic endeavors due to the behavior of a few?

The Free Market, Whether I Like It or Not

buy viagra canada Note: The following post is an opinion expressed solely by the author and is not necessarily supported by anybody else on the planet. First, let me start by saying I love the free market – whether it be the marketplace of ideas, opinions or goods and services.  The marketplace of ideas and […]