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‘Tis the Season (Back by popular demand…)

Note: The following post is an opinion expressed solely by the author and is not necessarily supported by anybody else on the planet. First, let me start by saying I love the free market – whether it be the marketplace of ideas, opinions or goods and services.  The marketplace of ideas and beliefs is especially […]

Income Inequality from a Plain-Spoken Perspective

Earlier this week, I participated in a televised panel discussion on income inequality.  The topic has generated much discussion lately, as President Obama’s central theme has been how to fix the gap between the rich and the poor.  My general thought is it simply cannot be fixed by dragging out the usual redistribution solutions – […]

Priorities, Please

This just in…while a controversy is brewing over Chicago’s crime numbers (a curious drop in crime has led some to believe the police department is “cooking the books,”) the city’s aldermen have taken a drastic measure to improve the quality of life for residents.  Since the real scourge on the city is plastic bags, they […]

Where Does Your City Stand in the War on Lemonade Stands?

As part of the ongoing effort to crush the entrepreneurial spirit of children, several municipalities have targeted lemonade stands.  That’s right…how dare those children selling lemonade attempt to take your money for providing a potentially bacteria-laden , unhealthy, loaded-with-sugar beverage, that has been stirred and handled by the grimy hands of 10 year olds….on a sidewalk not […]

Adventures in Disability Fraud…

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

What’s Open and What’s Not

The Washington Post offers a list of facilities and services that are open or closed due to the government shutdown. Some may be pleased to know that the IRS will be “probably closed” when the October 15 filing deadline approaches.  The military?  “Open” for business, says the Post (as if somehow attempting to close the […]

Just Sayin’…

A $47,000 mechanical bull purchased by the General Services Administration for the Utah National Guard?  How about paying 40 beneficiaries their monthlySocial Security benefits instead? paper writings zp8497586rq

Obama’s Short-Term Memory

As each side accuses the other of shutting down the government, President Obama said something today that some of his biggest constituents may consider a slap in the face, or at best a colossal oversight.  At an event in Maryland today during which he criticized House Speaker Boehner, he said, online prescription glasses “If you’re […]

Seeing Medical Innovation With My Own Eyes

This blog post is not about taxes, the job market or retirement — the topics I most often write about.  It’s about the health care market, of which the NCPA is no stranger. I went to the eye doctor yesterday for an annual check-up.  It’s not a typical check-up for somebody of my age.  I […]

Taking All the Fun Out of Home Economics

It’s bad enough that market work has been decimated by high taxes, burdensome regulations and a generous disability system, but do we really need to start targeting non-market domestic endeavors due to the behavior of a few?