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Worse than I Imagined (Part II): Medicare

When I retired, Medicare became my primary health insurance, fully covered by American taxpayers (and federal debt-holders), while Anthem/Blue Cross became my secondary health insurance, fully covered by the University of California.  I will never have to spend a nickel of my Social Security benefits or inflation-adjusted defined retirement income on my health insurance. But […]

Scaring Seniors, Revisited

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) released his proposed 2013 budget yesterday and before the ink was dry, the left was attacking it like vultures on a carcass. Ryan was being portrayed as the bogeyman of seniors’ concerns about Medicare. As part of his effort to control an out-of-control bureaucracy, his plan includes: Increasing the Medicare eligibility […]

The CLASS Act Loses its Class

Let’s hear it for a little math and a lot of common sense. The Community Living Assistance Support and Stability Act (CLASS) program, part of the health care reform law that would essentially create a government-run long term care insurance program, has gone kaput before it even got started. A news article title calls it […]

The 2011 Trustees Reports: Same Song, Second Verse

Friday the 13th could not be a better day to release the 2011 Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ reports.  Entitlement programs are just bad luck for the long-term federal budget.  These annual reports from Social Security and Medicare actuaries estimate the amount of money needed (beyond workers’ payroll taxes and seniors’ Medicare premiums) needed to […]

Seniors, Be Prepared…

A few weeks ago, my 73-year-old mother received a letter from her internist announcing his retirement from the medical profession.  Being that the man is 78 years old, this comes as no suprise.  However, he had originally planned on working a few more years until he realized that Medicare reimbursements were not enough for him to stay […]

Medicare Grows Sicker

As if the Democrats' proposed health care bill is not enough to send a person to the urgent care clinic, there is a lesser-known move that has garnered attention among those concerned about the growing entitlement burden: the House voted this week to approve a package which would eliminate the “Medicare trigger.”

Investing for Health Care Costs

Much attention has been given to the out-of-pocket health care costs seniors will likely incur during their retirement years. (See our recently published Brief Analysis on this topic.) A Fidelity study found that the average senior retiring this year at age 65 will need $240,000 during his or her lifetime to pay Medicare premiums, out-of-pocket […]

Socking it to the Poor

It is bad enough that the federal cigarette tax will more than double under the Obama Administration, disproportionately affecting the poor. But now low-income seniors may pay more generic viagra professional for their health insurance. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is reducing payments to insurers for Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage is a […]