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A Guide to Inequality

Senator Bernie Sanders has now officially dropped out of the race and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Despite his loss, the achievement of his campaign should not be dismissed, especially his success with younger voters through populist rhetoric.  Speaking at the Vatican, Senator Sanders stated that “[A]s an increasing share of new wealth and income […]

How Should We Measure Child Poverty in the United States?

top antivirus software p>Guest blogger Marcelo Ostria, an NCPA research associate, discusses the challenge involved in measuring child poverty in the United States. In light of federal spending cuts, the media has recently revisited poverty in the United States.  A recent article in the Christian Post depicts alarming child poverty and hunger rates while another article from […]

Does Information Technology Help Veterans?

The National Center for Veterans’ Analysis and Statistics most recent veteran population projections hover around 22.2 million people, 45 percent of which are age 65 or older. Of the total veteran population only 38 percent are enrolled in the Veterans’ Health Administration, yet the total number of dependents and survivors who have claims to VA […]

Measuring Poverty

Special blog post by Lewis Warne, an NCPA research associate. In 2011 Congress defunded the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM, an). The SPM is an alternative to the Official Poverty Measure (OPM) that has been used since the 1960s.  The goal of the SPM is to provide a more comprehensive picture of poverty by including factors left out […]

Veterans Face a Bureaucratic Battle Back Home

Note:  Guest blogger Kyle Buckley, an NCPA research associate, discusses the war zone that is the Veterans Administration. Over the last year there have been a number of congressional inquiries into the reasons for a growing disability claims backlog at the Veterans Administration.  The VA has failed to comply with requests for information, outright misled […]

The SNAP Snafu

Note: Guest blogger Alex Bachik, a NCPA resear