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The Minimum Wage Fairy Can’t Fix Everything

If a politician wants to ban something, chances are they will give themselves an exemption. Over the past year, the rallying cry for many politicians has been income inequality. One of the solutions often offered is a substantial increase in the minimum wage. Ironically, though, a recent study found that 94 percent of the 205 […]

Net Neutrality Not the Savior One Might Think (Part II)

Last week, I explained what the FCC’s new “net neutrality” rules are intended to do, but here is the reality: A government decree will never resolve disputes in a way that enhances innovation and lowers costs for consumers.  Compliance with the net neutrality rules creates another barrier to entry for potential competitors to incumbent ISPs. […]

Net Neutrality Not the Savior One Might Think (Part I)

The Internet was jubilant when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) officially issued its net neutrality rules in February. And then, nothing happened. Since net neutrality rules officially came into effect on June 12 Internet providers have not raced to speed up Internet speeds, and a single complaint has been filed with the Federal Communications Commission […]