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Texas’ Gold Is Coming Home

In June of 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 483 which establishes the first state-level gold bullion and precious metal depository.  The bill, authored by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione (R) and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, would transfer the $650 million in gold bullion owned by the University of Texas Investment Management Co. currently being held in […]

Flattening Tax Rates

To date, five Republican presidential candidates have announced tax proposals that have at least one thing in common – simplifying the current tax code. In its most basic form, a flat tax taxes all income once, at the source, at the same rate. While Senators Cruz and Rubio have suggested one 10% and 15% rate […]

Internet Sales Tax Collection and Small Businesses

When my college roommate asked me to be her maid-of-honor I was thrilled. But with bridesmaids spread across three different states it was impossible to gather everyone together for a fitting. Instead, we used an online boutique to purchase the beautiful lace dresses we wore for her summer wedding.  The online store — which made bridesmaid […]

Congressional Spending Still Runs Amok

In the antebellum south, it is said that a common practice among slaveholders was to give a barrel of salt pork to slaves to divide amongst themselves. This scrambling and fighting for a share of the pork became equated with its political meaning in the early 1870s, according to Wendy McElroy of the Future of […]