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Fighting for Veterans: Taking Action on the Disability Claims Backlog

House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is spearheading 10 legislative initiatives to help the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) meet its obligations by 2015 and reduce the number of veterans languishing in the disability rating system.  Several months ago, the NCPA examined several problems with the VA disability system, so it is promising that a few […]

Do Veterans Game the VA Disability System?

During my morning ritual of coffee and checking for daily updates on the Department of Veterans Affairs most recent follies, I came across an article published in 2005 by the British Journal of Psychiatry.  The particular search terms were a result of recent conversations I had with a number of veterans participating in the University of […]

The VBA Drops the Ball Once Again

Earlier this month, VA Undersecretary for Benefits Allison Hickey released an article about the effectiveness of the Department of Veterans Affairs new pilot programs to reduce benefit claim waiting times and increase accuracy rates.  Their new initiative is this: “Start processing the oldest claims first.” Since the majority of claims are still processed through paper […]

The Invisible Wound of War: Access to Mental Health Care

download oem software p>There has been a lot of concern (rightly so) recently over the “Invisible Wounds of War,” especially amongst those rabble rousers in the congressional committies for veterans affairs.  They’re very much concerned with the quality, access and timeliness of mental health care for veterans.  Congressional testimony less than a month ago praised the VA […]

Improved Accuracy Rates On VA Disability Claims? Or Not?

A few posts back I may have referred to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) senior officials as “lumbering simpletons,” and for that I must apologize, because they have managed something truly spectacular.  Here are the accuracy averages for veteran disability claim approval rates in 2012, just to give you a picture of how well things […]

Does Information Technology Help Veterans?

The National Center for Veterans’ Analysis and Statistics most recent veteran population projections hover around 22.2 million people, 45 percent of which are age 65 or older. Of the total veteran population only 38 percent are enrolled in the Veterans’ Health Administration, yet the total number of dependents and survivors who have claims to VA […]

How Do We Really Feel About Taxing the Rich?

Last month the National Bureau of Economic Research released a working paper that explored some of the more puzzling disconnects between the harsh realities of U.S. tax progressivity and how the public views fair taxation. Matthew Weinzierl of the Harvard Business School argues that modern tax research is the result of utilitarian assumptions.  This means […]