8.2% and Holding…

Just like this summer’s heatwave – constant and unrelenting – so are the unemployment numbers. Nothing much has changed, except th

at the U-6 unemployment rate (remember those discouraged workers?) has ticked up a bit from 14.8 percent

in May to 14.9 percent in June. Also, the teenage unemployment rate has fallen slightly from 24.6 to 23. 7, but black unemployment has risen from 13.6 to 14.4 percent. Thus, wherever there appears to be some good news, corresponding bad news follows. Despite the stagnant numbers, lawmakers appear to be in no hurry to

solidify any certainty going into 2013 (i.e. clarifying next year’s tax rates, putting a budget in place, and being forthright about the impact Obamacare will have on small business), leaving firms waiting and wondering.



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  1. Kumar says:

    Get ready for Taxmageddon

  2. Harold says:

    They are still trying to blame Bush. Watch them these next few months.

  3. Otis says:

    Update: The “official” unemployment rate is now at 8.3 percent as of August 3. The “real” unemployment rate is up to 15 percent.

    I can’t see these rates improving much without small businesses hiring.

  4. Misty says:

    I agree with nissomoo6. Long term unyemlompent could bring on a lot of stress and pressure. We must remember pressure bursts pipes all day long so you can imagine what it does to people. It is going to take a whole lot talking and not screaming at each other. It is so easy to allow outside influences to dictate our behavior. We have to make a conscious decision daily that we are not going to succumb to the outside pressures. It is not going to happen automatically but the more it is done the easier it becomes. My pastor made a statement yesterday that is so befitting this topic. Prayer not only changes people and things it can changes the way you react to things that do not change.Also, it may be the time for us to step out on faith and start that business you may have been thinking about for a while.Now, as I end ..back to the stress and pressure .Intimacy can be a great way to relieve and release them both!!!!!!